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Andrew J. Hale-Byrne is the author of Grenville. In 2007, he exposed the cult boarding school, known as Grenville Christian College, in the Canadian press. Subsequently, there has been an Anglican Church enquiry, Ontario Provincial Police investigation and an ongoing class-action lawsuit. Indeed, Andrew attended Grenville in the 1990s and saw first-hand the horrific abuse that was inflicted on minors. Currently, he serves as a representative plaintiff and press officer for the Grenville Christian College Class Action. His book is the culmination of his research going back nine and half years. Andrew is British. He and his family reside and work in the United Kingdom, but he travels regularly to Canada to brief the media on matters pertaining to the cult, which damaged numerous lives. Andrew has a long history of social justice and human rights activism, and his exposure of abuse at Grenville is in keeping with that tradition. Andrew is a practising Anglican and has divergent interests from public policy, economics, equestrianism, alpinism, literature and art.
Author at Grenville Christian College in the 1990s
Andrew Hale-Byrne on his last day at Grenville, relieved to be departing.
Visiting Montreal with GCC French Class
Andrew Hale-Byrne and Meredith Darling at Grenville in the 1990s.
Andrew Hale-Byrne with Horse
The author today.




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